Seeking Funding

While the blueprint for the short, the animatic itself, is finished, Iā€™m seeking funding to finish animating the short in high definition computer generated imagery. Using my extensive experience from Hollywood as a concept artist for films like Black Panther and The Jungle Book, animation, and visual effects, I hope to hire additional artists to carry the film across the finish line.


The film will also leverage Unreal Engine software, the latest in cutting edge real-time CGI technology which has only recently become usable for filmmakers. It will allow for a high production quality that was only previously available to big budget studios with powerhouse rendering farms, now for a fraction of the cost.


Eventual feature film Documentary

With your help, I hope to finish this deeply personal film. It will not only fill the gap of what it means to be Asian and growing up in America, but also resonate what is also a truly American story. In addition, it will also work as a proof of concept for the eventual feature length documentary about the story of an immigrant surviving Chinese prison to reach 1970ā€™s New York City, contrasting the story of her son growing up middle class in suburban Oregon.